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Jason Todd Shannon & Jeremy Gilbertson

Come join us on Friday at the GSU Creative Media Industries Institute to participate in a a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience. Witness the debut of The Centaurus Theatre, a virtual ambisonic audio and music venue. He will also premier a new music composition written and produced specifically for the immersive 3D sonic environment.

Location : CMII Rm. 110
Time : Friday, October 27, 2017
Duration : All Day


We depend on effective and creative sound design and music to support a multitude of media platforms. From traditional broadcast and theatrical productions to IP delivered content, sound plays a huge role in how successful we are in reaching our audiences. Now with the emergence of VR and AR we enter into a new immersive world where music and sound design are critical in supporting these brave new media worlds. Today we are fortunate to have with us sound designers and engineers who work in these worlds on a daily basis. Our panelists will give you their experiences for navigating this terrain.

Location : CMII Rm. 223
Date : Friday, October 27, 2017
Time : 12:30pm
Duration : 1 hr

Diary of A Decade

A Discussion with cross-platform artist Jason Orr, Moderated by Dr. Hobson from Georgia State's African Studies department

Jason Orr is a Producer who has spent most of his life creating and curating festivals, films, art and music. His entire life has been spent developing his talent and knowledge of conceptualizing, organizing, executing promoting and marketing events.
Dr. Hobson of Georgia State’s African American Studies department will join Jason Orr to share his process, philosophy and insights on what has allowed him to create intelligent and culturally relevant media.
This one of a kind workshop is designed to help people who attend understand what makes someone a cross platform producer and what it takes to complete an impactful project that has cultural and historic relevance.

Location : CMII Rm. 223
Date : Friday, October 27, 2017
Time : 2:00pm
Duration : 1 hr

Up to the Minute on Music & Film Tax Incentives in GA

Peter Stathopoulos, Wally Parks & Rob Hassett, Moderated by James Brooke
Overview of the new tax incentive laws in Georgia for Music and Film from a panel of experts

Location : CMII Rm. 223
Date : Friday, October 27
Time : 3:30
Duration : 1 hr

Merging Music & Movies

Terry Bello

Location CMII Rm. 223
Date : Friday, October 27
Time : 5:00
Duration : 1 hr

The Art of Scoring Silent Film

DJ Spooky and Bret Wood
A Masterclass workshop by Paul Miller (DJ Spooky) and Bret Wood from Kino Lorber.Paul and Bret worked together on scoring Pioneers of African American Cinema and both have scored numerous other silent film projects including Paul’s live score performance later tonight of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. They will take us on a journey of how music can bring silent films to new heights.

Location : CMII Rm 223
Date : Saturday, Oct 28
Time : 1:00pm
Duration : 1 hr

Mixing Live and Sound Engineering for Television and Concerts

Steve Bracey and Chet Brewster

Join industry vets Steve Bracey and Chet Brewster for a discussion about their vast experiences from live mixing awards shows, concerts, TV Shows and Specials. When it comes to merging sound and screen, these guys have done it all.

Location : CMII Rm. 312
Date : Saturday, October 28, 2017
Time : 2:00pm
Duration : 1 hr

Scoring Films

Peggy Johnson, Jason Shannon & Jim Dellas
Is Atlanta a good place to be now for scoring/arranging work for films or for other things? Can Atlanta be a good place to be for scoring/arranging and post work in films? Join our panel experts as they take us through their professional journeys.

Location : CMII Rm 223
Date : Saturday, Oct 28
Time : 3pm
Duration : 1 hr

The Role of Music in her Creative Process

Barbara McCullough

Barbara will lead a discussion on the role of music in her creative process. McCullough, a New Orleans native who has spent most of her life in the Los Angeles area, notes experimental film and video as her first loves, always striving to “tap the spirit and richness of her community by exposing its magic, touching its textures, trampling old stereotypes, and revealing untold stories of African American life.”  Moderated by John Roberts and Shady Patterson-liquid blackness

Location : CMII Rm 312
Date : Saturday, Oct 28
Time : 3:30pm
Duration : 1 hr

Licensing Music For TV & Film

Tammy Hurt and Cappriccieo M. Scates
An overview for how to license music across an increasingly complex and ever changing network of platform destinations.

Location : CMII Rm 223
Date : Saturday, Oct 28
Time : 4:30pm
Duration : 1 hr

Union Panel

Location CMII Rm 223
Date Sunday, Oct 29
Time 2:30pm
Duration 1 hr