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What is a Music Film Festival?

By Music Film Festival we mean "A Film Festival For People Who Love Music"- biopics, music documentaries, concert films, music videos, silent films with live score, animated musicals and more.

Music & Film

We love films and storytelling as a people. It's just a human compulsion to listen to and tell stories.

Mychael Danna - Composer

The Magic of Music

"Let us all hope that a new wave of artists/bands will come along that reminds newer generations how important the “magic” of music is and that the bar hasn’t been lowered to the point that what is perceived as “magic” gets less and less inspired to the point that music itself isn’t important."

Warren Haynes - American musician, singer and songwriter

ATLarge Music Film Festival

Atlanta is the go-to hub for all things music & film
We are collection of passionate artists, educators, business professionals, and volunteers committed to enhancing Atlanta’s creative culture by creating a place for the under-appreciated music film genre to grow and thrive.

By creating the ATLARGE Film Festival, we aim to weave together music and film seamlessly to bring both music and film creators, talent, and industry together.  Atlanta is the perfect place to launch, as the film and music industries are thriving, yet seldom intersect.

Through workshops and ultimately an Institute, we will nurture talent in the music film genre to help place jobs and to develop projects (documentaries, features, music video’s, V.R. etc) much like Sundance.  We aim to be the ‘go to place’ for all things music film from showcasing, support and developmental standpoints.


ATLARGE’s mission is to showcase, support and aid in developing music films to further Music Film as a significant and important genre.

Our Partner


Thanks to a $22.8 million gift from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation — the largest in university history — Georgia State has renovated the former SunTrust Bank building at the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Park Place to house the Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII). CMII was established in 2014 to train a workforce, foster research and incubate companies for Georgia’s growing $6 billion film and digital media industries, offering programs in media production, graphic and sound design, music management, digital publishing and more. CMII’s new facility features advanced studios and production suites that include and accommodate motion capture, 360-degree cameras, virtual sets, virtual and augmented reality technology, and a maker space for animation and 3-D rendering.